The Blog: 

The Dark Side of Fashion is an alternative fashion blog  that will meet all of your goth, punk, dark mori, nu goth, grunge, dark victorian, rockabilly, and vintage loving needs. Here you will find outfit ideas, how to’s, reviews, and a mesmerizing collection of alternative clothing selected from various online stores all in one place. The Dark Side of Fashion caters to the dark fancies of over 30,000 followers around the world. I welcome anyone to come to the dark side, after all, we have impeccable taste in fashion.


The Lady behind the outfits:  

Hello there. I’m a 25 year old Muslim vamp lady living in Texas. My interest in the goth and punk subcultures began over a decade ago and what can I say about that…well yeah, I told everyone it wasn’t a phase. If you were wondering, yes I dress alternative and wear hijab. I love to find great deals, put outfits together, and soon I will open my own shop for you darklings. Other than being a creature of the night, I’m a psychology graduate and I aspire to be a true doctor of the mind one day. I enjoy admiring art, basking in nature, going on adventures, reading, and making delicious vegan dishes. I am also very fond of watching documentaries (my favorites ones are about religions, cults, conspiracy theories, serial killers, and health). I hope you enjoy my spooky little space on the internet. For fashion advice or if you would just like to chat, send me a message. I bite, but you’ll like it.


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