Advertise with us

Thank you so much for your interest in advertising with The Dark Side of Fashion. My blog has a following of over 31,000 alternative fashion lovers around the world. If you would like to collaborate, please have a look at the advertisement options. I look forward to doing some spooky business with you.

Option 1: Reviews. Send me an item and I will provide my lovely followers with a kind and honest review linking back to your store.

Option 2: Giveaways. Collaborate with me when I do a giveaway. To enter people will have to follow The Dark Side of Fashion and your social media platform, and a winner will be chosen at random to acquire an item from your store.

More options coming soon!!!

Rules and Terms: I will not promote any items with religious symbols, derogatory language, or racial slurs. Also, products/items must be cruelty-free (for example, faux leather). For posts please provide clear pictures of your merchandise, preferably with a light background to ensure the uniformity of the blog. Thank you <3

You can email me your proposal at (make the title “proposal”)