H&M Summer Shoes

Buy Here >>> a $30  / b $35 / c $18 / d $13 / e $25 / f $25 / g $20 / h $30 / i $25 / j $18 / k $30 / l $25

I adore my heels and platforms, but flats are always great to have for those days when you feel like being a little more casual or you have a ton of walking and traveling to do. H&M is my favorite place for simple, cute, and affordable flats. They go with literally everything that I own from my more fancier dresses to my jeans and a ripped shirt. I wear “d” ALL the time and I’m thinking about getting a and j. I doubt I’ll be putting too much thought into it though. I don’t know why but those bows are giving me some serious 1950s goth homemaker vibes <3